Attraction with a naked eye

Ideally, a person becomes 10 times attractive not by their looks but their acts of kindness, love, respect, honesty and loyalty they show.The world is blessed with visually attractive humans in adoration of flawless skin, plastic manipulations, fill-up injections, the naturally gifted and pore suffocating makeup. Gents are sculpted into Greek gods not forgetting the … Continue reading Attraction with a naked eye

The “University Of 2020” Graduate

Happy New Year!!! The three revolutionary words that have intercepted our general outlook each year. Many would consider it a new "beginning" or "rebirth" as if our individual birthday's don't deserve the honour. Do excuse my immediate attack on you'all righteous believers, I'm not here to crash your goals and dreams, just serving you a … Continue reading The “University Of 2020” Graduate

Acts Of Service Towards Self

I recently partook in a very unique yoga challenge #PranaSelfLove. Not only did I win first place and some great prizes but it also reminded me of how long I've come on my healing journey. This particular self-love practice happens to be one that took the longest to ritualize. Who the 'prana love' does this? … Continue reading Acts Of Service Towards Self

When Love Didn’t Love Me Back

How long will you keep trying? How long will you keep giving? How long will it take to reciprocate that love? How long will you keep pouring from an empty cup? How long is too long? These are the very same questions I asked myself once upon a time. Damn! This just hit home and … Continue reading When Love Didn’t Love Me Back

It’s My Birthday! Here’s What This Past Year Taught Me

Each year I dive into a deeper state of awesomeness, and this year, I'm lost for words, so brace yourselves for soundlessness. Another year has passed and I can't believe I'm celebrating another year of yogic breathing in this lifetime. This past year has been an emotional rollercoaster and one of the biggest life-changing experiences … Continue reading It’s My Birthday! Here’s What This Past Year Taught Me