Surviving Emotional Abuse & Becoming Heal With Sheila

I want my story to be the breakthrough you need to realize that you are greater than your experiences and worthy of infinite love.  I have finally gathered the strength and strive to share the real inspiration behind the name "Heal with Sheila". I recently shared a post on my childhood trauma and how I healed … Continue reading Surviving Emotional Abuse & Becoming Heal With Sheila


This Is How My Childhood Rapist Silenced The Fire Within!

If I made it out alive gunsblazing, you can heal from your childhood trauma too.


  Inspired by what I see, anguished by what I have heard. The pain I have felt a thought I never imagined sharing. Dignity I have lost. That pride I will never regain. My sixth sense says, “Vuka mama” I am awake but where do I go?   Born into the world, mimicking my first … Continue reading VUKA MAMA