Attraction with a naked eye

Ideally, a person becomes 10 times attractive not by their looks but their acts of kindness, love, respect, honesty and loyalty they show.The world is blessed with visually attractive humans in adoration of flawless skin, plastic manipulations, fill-up injections, the naturally gifted and pore suffocating makeup. Gents are sculpted into Greek gods not forgetting the … Continue reading Attraction with a naked eye

The “University Of 2020” Graduate

Happy New Year!!! The three revolutionary words that have intercepted our general outlook each year. Many would consider it a new "beginning" or "rebirth" as if our individual birthday's don't deserve the honour. Do excuse my immediate attack on you'all righteous believers, I'm not here to crash your goals and dreams, just serving you a … Continue reading The “University Of 2020” Graduate

In The Midst of Silence

When noise is all you hear in the midst of silence. Your mind pledges war on thoughts that prey on your receptors. The possibilities of impossibilities disrupt your sanity camouflaged by your physical presence. Within the crowd your mind holds the baton that shifts your focus into a bloc of mental dialogue. "Alone at last", … Continue reading In The Midst of Silence