Oracle Card Reading

VIA: Skype, WhatsApp or Facebook

Wouldn’t life be more pleasant if we played all our cards right? Or if we knew we were on the right path? Ever wondered why history keeps repeating itself? Why do your relationships keep failing? Why haven’t you found the right one yet? Why is your job or business draining you? Have you looked for answers and you’re worried that there’s no light at the end of the tunnel?

In this session we will use the oracle cards deck to bring clarity into the numerous answers you’re seeking and I’m more than happy to be of service. The readings I have given clients have resonated with their lives on a deeper level and have revealed hidden truths only known to them. Just one session can bring so much meaning into your life with the accuracy of your reading.


If you feel you’re STUCK in a rut or directionless, starting a new phase in your life, new project, struggling with a part of yourself, or your life, and wish for new insight, considering a major decision, wish to think more carefully about yourself and more.

If your LOVE LIFE is a hot mess, heartbroken, lack family support, low self-esteem, suffering a loss, TRAUMA, need guidance, or general reading.

If you have any doubts about which session would serve you best, email me and we will decide the best option for you. Packages are available, email me to find out more. 



The One-Card-Pull: Get monthly guidance from the Oracle Cards. Your intuition is always seeking reconfirmation hence why a lot of the readings resonate with our current circumstances. How about you reach out for some inspiration, motivation and guidance to stimulate your day? DURATION: VIA MESSAGE



The Three-Card Spread: You can finally get answers to questions you’re seeking! Isn’t this liberating? You might not know this, but the events of your past always influence your present and future. How then can you know which aspect of your past connects to your current situation? We use energy cards here to fill in the missing pieces and step into a brighter future with purpose and fulfilment. DURATION: 30 MINS



The Seven-Card Cross: My clients and a personal favourite! This represents the road that is the process and potential of your present life, moving forward into the future. This deck offers you deeper guidelines into your past, present and future readings. As you “go down the road,” moving from one card to the next, you reveal specific information about work, relationships, and your personal energy. DURATION: 1 HR


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