Holistic Talk Therapy

VIA: Skype, WhatsApp or Facebook

We all need someone to talk to during tough times, a safe space to express ourselves and a judgement-free atmosphere. During this dark period, making sense of things is difficult from complicated feelings to finding ways to live with them. Talk therapy helps you to recognize unhealthy patterns in your thoughts and actions. During this session, we acknowledge, dissect and create management/elimination tools geared towards better living.

NB: Many would refer to this service as counselling or talk treatment, note that they are all connected. What I bring to the table are holistic solutions that anyone (young and old) can incorporate into their daily lives. My mission is to give you the survival skills you need to deal with life situations, so you start self-healing.


You are struggling with emotional difficulties, life challenges, mental health concerns, difficult life events, RELATIONSHIP PROBLEMS, upsetting or traumatic experiences, grief, guilt, sadness, confusion, anger, low-self esteem, family struggles, school bullying, work bullying.

You are suffering from depression, anxiety, panic attacks, overwhelm, fatigued, self-harm, hopelessness, apathy, social withdrawal, emotional/mental/psychological abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse.

If you have any doubts about which session would serve you best, email me and we will decide the best option for you. Packages are available email me to find out more

Holistic Talk Therapy

This mode of therapy will help you to learn more about yourself, help you achieve your goals, have more fulfilling relationships, improve your emotional and mental health, and improve many areas of your life. DURATION: 45MIN