Know Your Chakras: Root Chakra|Muladhara

The root chakra is the first chakra in the prana body system. It's located at the base of the spine. Because of its earth energy, the feeling of grounding and safety is associated with this chakra. In Sanskrit, it is known as the Muladhara chakra and its red in colour. Physically, it governs the lower … Continue reading Know Your Chakras: Root Chakra|Muladhara

Koshas: Get To Know Your 5 Bodies

My passion for yoga is a never-ending tale of knowledge through research, spiritual practice and my receptivity towards understanding the true essence of yoga. It still saddens me today when I come across practitioners with limited understanding of yoga. I can't stop emphasizing that yoga is more than an asana (flexibility, strength, balance), memorizing Sanskrit, … Continue reading Koshas: Get To Know Your 5 Bodies

Yoga & Meditation

VIA: Online, One-on-one YOGA: Let's get this misconception out of the way first, YOGA IS A NOT A RELIGION! It is a way of living that aims towards a healthy mind, body and soul. Sure we have other forms of fitness and tonnes of wellness programs, but yoga goes beyond the physicality. It enhances your … Continue reading Yoga & Meditation

Why Meditation Is My Juju!

Who sent me? That was the dread of this morning commitment that turned into a chore and felt like a waste of my bedtime hours until extraordinary things happened... My mornings used to be dreadful and 8 hours of sleep didn't compliment the face I woke with, and to think, "beauty sleep" was all I … Continue reading Why Meditation Is My Juju!

Heal with Sheila

What Is Pranayama?

After discovering the practice of pranayama, I shifted from mindlessness to mindful breathing and it transformed how my body managed mental, emotional and physical pressure.  Breathing is mechanical for most of us, but we don't seem to understand the importance of breathing as a life force. We have heard the phrase, "breath of life" way … Continue reading What Is Pranayama?

How I First Came To Learn About Chakras

My knowledge about chakras came to me through an interesting encounter with a woman on a righteous path. So let me twist this up into a chakra-tale like they do with fairytales. Once upon a time, there lived an aspiring yogini who was in dire need for transformation. The professional world seemed to be blocking … Continue reading How I First Came To Learn About Chakras


Simple Exercise To Develop Your Clairvoyance

Are you ready to tap into one of your many psychic abilities? Have you been wondering how? Well, your curiosity definitely has you at the right place. Let's get psyched!