Life Unexpected As You Know It

Life unexpected as you know it to be Paves the way for shock beyond your thoughts. The events that take place to remind you of these thoughts Thoughts that had never crossed your mind. Could it have been the joy that camouflaged my ignorance? Life unexpected as you know it to be Paves the way … Continue reading Life Unexpected As You Know It

Love Poem: Like A Star

A blossoming relationship deserves special rays of love. Like a star, the edge it possesses completes the shape of love. Tonight we will sleep under the stars, Though we are not together, we will look above and reminiscence. Like a star, Your love will shine so bright through my heart. Today we have reached the … Continue reading Love Poem: Like A Star

Love Poem: The Best Gift

Spending time with you is the best gift Breaking your balls is the best gift Disagreeing with you is the best gift Waking up in the morning close to you is the best gift Going to bed pissed at each other is also the best gift Because without all these events our love wouldn’t be, … Continue reading Love Poem: The Best Gift

My Escape From Reality

My website, my escape A refresher course I shall retain. The day will fly by,  As I look forward to visiting you. My escape from reality as I surety my senses.   An idea will blow my mind away, As I sublime in my thoughts. Oh yes.... A new topic I will create, that will merge … Continue reading My Escape From Reality

Don’t Insult My Ethnicity

Talk is cheap but not as much as you You step on my soil and insult my ethnicity? You look at my brown skin and feel disgusted. And who are you to insult my ethnicity in my own land This soil is mine as it is for every African You still talk so high of … Continue reading Don’t Insult My Ethnicity

Tip-toe To Success

Little girl, Don’t let this world question your existence, For you were brought into this world by a queen. Don’t let one's words hurt you, For you were groomed to conquer beyond grouped alphabets. Don’t let anyone cause you heartache, For you were redeemed from that nonsense in my womb. Don’t drag your feet with … Continue reading Tip-toe To Success

To The World From You And I

Seeking approval from the world doesn’t get you anywhere, Yet it gets you somewhere. Reaching for something that is out of reach, Only digs a hole deeper for you. The runway cannot tell you, you’re beautiful Only the mirror can. Being the face of a top magazine, only quenches that unsightly craze. But when a … Continue reading To The World From You And I


  Inspired by what I see, anguished by what I have heard. The pain I have felt a thought I never imagined sharing. Dignity I have lost. That pride I will never regain. My sixth sense says, “Vuka mama” I am awake but where do I go?   Born into the world, mimicking my first … Continue reading VUKA MAMA

Why Did I Get Married?

Why did I get married? Is a question I keep asking myself lately. We share a deep mutual attraction, But not a mutual understanding. Could it be the age difference? Something my sixth sense failed to illustrate.   Why did I get married? To a man who has no positive outlook on life, Nor the … Continue reading Why Did I Get Married?