Happy International Women’s Day!

She does not need a title, For she carries her femininity as a crown. Do not define her strength by physicality. For the strength she carries bares an untold story. Do not define her efficiency by her intellect. For the intelligence she carries is in human order. Once oppressed, now free. Her rights to equality … Continue reading Happy International Women’s Day!

In The Midst of Silence

When noise is all you hear in the midst of silence. Your mind pledges war on thoughts that prey on your receptors. The possibilities of impossibilities disrupt your sanity camouflaged by your physical presence. Within the crowd your mind holds the baton that shifts your focus into a bloc of mental dialogue. "Alone at last", … Continue reading In The Midst of Silence

The Truth You Choose To See

We fear the unknown and welcome misery with open arms. Is that the truth you choose to see? We fear the known and peruse through life ignorant of this awareness. Is that the truth you choose to see? We fear the emotions that come with change and seek comfort in stagnancy. Is that the truth … Continue reading The Truth You Choose To See

Be The Queen That You Are

Be the Queen that you are, your king awaits. No woman has to lower her standards to better suit circumstances. If you can't breathe life into her then you shouldn't be in it. If you can't be at peace with your thoughts, then she shouldn't be on your mind. If you can't express yourself freely … Continue reading Be The Queen That You Are

It’s Not What Life Promised Me!

It’s not what the world promised me It’s what I chose to take It’s how I chose to live it It’s when I chose to realize it. It’s not what my heart promised me It’s what I chose to accept It’s how I chose to deal with it It’s when I chose to feel it. … Continue reading It’s Not What Life Promised Me!

Equalized Love

I will only show unto you what you show unto me That's just how my world works but through it all... I will forever be your light Your sigh of relief Your light at the end of the tunnel Your everything without an expiry date I will be your statue of liberty Your goddess with … Continue reading Equalized Love

The Born Free Society

To the world, we live in I was born free, so let me be freedom. In a world beyond recognition I was born with sight, so let me witness change. To the world stained with bloodshed I was born human, so let the only blood I see be that running through my veins. To a … Continue reading The Born Free Society

Dear Crazy World

  I have seen things I never imagined possible. Felt a certain kind of way that left me questioning my stance in life. Heard things that have left me perplexed and dismayed at the severity human beings are willing to go. But is it by will or the lack of mental stability? Greed has devoured … Continue reading Dear Crazy World

I’m Wounded, Not Broken

She shares her story with the masses, looking for nothing but redemption from the trauma that once controlled her. She set herself free and embarked on a healing journey. She succumbed the struggles of shapeshifting back and forth into the woman she once knew. Through this journey, she constantly reminded herself, "I'm wounded, not broken". … Continue reading I’m Wounded, Not Broken

I “Refuse” But “Accept”

I refuse to surround myself with burdened hearts For their intent is to wound my joy. But accept positive attitudes That see the best out of own attitude. I refuse to be associated with classifiers because in their eyes they are the best. But I accept down-to-earth individuals For their success and experience are incomparable. … Continue reading I “Refuse” But “Accept”