Holistic Talk Therapy

VIA: Skype, WhatsApp or Facebook We all need someone to talk to during tough times, a safe space to express ourselves and a judgement-free atmosphere. During this dark period, making sense of things is difficult from complicated feelings to finding ways to live with them. Talk therapy helps you to recognize unhealthy patterns in your … Continue reading Holistic Talk Therapy

This Is How My Childhood Rapist Silenced The Fire Within!

If I made it out alive gunsblazing, you can heal from your childhood trauma too.

5 Effective Tips To Heal Childhood Trauma

Every relationship you get entangled in feels like a repeated cycle of past hurt. There's a reason why this keeps happening to you. Things start to make sense once you start digging into your past and archiving back to your childhood. I have had numerous discussions with patients and 98% of their turmoil has been … Continue reading 5 Effective Tips To Heal Childhood Trauma

How I First Came To Learn About Chakras

My knowledge about chakras came to me through an interesting encounter with a woman on a righteous path. So let me twist this up into a chakra-tale like they do with fairytales. Once upon a time, there lived an aspiring yogini who was in dire need for transformation. The professional world seemed to be blocking … Continue reading How I First Came To Learn About Chakras

Every Reason Why What You Do Is Never Enough

If this title brought you here, you're most probably feeling some sort of way mentally and emotionally. You've probably hit rock bottom in awe at how your mind has managed to orchestrate this reality. Leading your emotions astray as you create a belief system that whatever you do is never enough. Is it really a … Continue reading Every Reason Why What You Do Is Never Enough

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My Last Breath On Paper

Dear Suicide Note, a letter everyone should write to express their negative emotions and thoughts, only to wash them away with positivity.  Dear Suicide Note, My thoughts led me to write this letter to you. Life has thrown everything humanly possible my way, I genuinely don't know what else I have left to live for. … Continue reading My Last Breath On Paper

My Take On Valentines Day

I heard people’s jubilations yesterday about their surprise gifts and a special night out on Valentine’s Day. I was intrigued by the excitement they showed as they explained in their experiences vividly. Happy for them I was but until today I fail to understand this whole concept of 14th February. Besides holding St Valentine’s history by … Continue reading My Take On Valentines Day

Naked Truth About Giving And Sharing

Instead of saving what I write on my iPad and laptop, I thought what better way to share my chronicles. Usually, a new year brings so many new resolutions, blah blah and all that stuff. But 2010 was one of the most interesting years of my life. I did my part, you did your part, … Continue reading Naked Truth About Giving And Sharing