Heal with Sheila

Life has taught me the best lessons yet as my experiences created the vortex towards my healing journey. Openly sharing my healing journey didn’t only give me the leverage I needed but also inspired many to embark on their own healing journey’s, it became ‘our healing journey’.

– Healer Sheila

Who is Sheila?

What she knows for sure is she’s no ordinary woman. Some would call her superwoman, balancing parenting, studies, digital media, yoga and spiritual work. This list goes on!

Her story begins at childhood and emanates into adulthood as a survivor of abuse and depression. She solely took all these experiences and used them as tools to start a self-induced transformational healing process. As she always says, “What have you been through, that this body hasn’t experienced?” She has seen, felt and heard it all, but instead of mopping around, she not only shifted her life but transformed lives at a staggering rate.

In 2018, she set a goal to impact 10,000 lives which she surpassed, of course. Sheila aka “Heal with Sheila” has testimonials streaming in from every direction and those who know her have nothing but good things to say. She’s an empath and lightworker humbling her way through her major accomplishments in this lifetime. According to her, this is only the beginning!

Be sure to follow and subscribe to her social media platforms and start your healing journey because this Goddess surely has your back. Book an online session today and start your healing journey. Services offered include oracle card readings, emotional healing, spiritual guidance, energy therapy, yoga