Which card is guiding you through this month and what message is in store for you? 

It’s 2/2/22 and I’m pulling out a card from my angels oracle cards deck. As you already know, every month carries a different kind of energy. As a monthly ritual, we are dedicated to sharing guidance from our Oracle cards and here is this months manifesting message.

Angel of Love

Tender Connections

In the reversed position, the Angel of Love could indicate a possible disconnect in matters of the heart. While this sometimes signifies a divorce or separation, it could also imply an emotional rift where two people stay connected on a superficial basis – yet at a deeper level seem to going their own ways.

In this position, the angel can also refer to an old separation, if the longing remains alive in one partner’s heart. If you find your self unable to let go, this loving angel is telling you it’s time to release any toxic or unrequited attachment you may be holding on to. The universe is waiting for you to free your heart and open your life to the fully present and honoring love that you so rightly deserve.

So look in the mirror and see the Angel of Love there with you. Know that you are worthy of this tender emotion from yourself and others.

Affirm: I love and value myself without limitation or condition. Tender, loving treatment comes to me in wonderful and unexpected ways.

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