How to Protect Yourself from Toxic Energy

This pandemic has really tested our resilience and will for our practices. The first two weeks of lockdown felt like a much-needed break from the matrix buzz, and you should have seen me!

I had my rituals lined up and books sorted. My blog and vlog reawakening were lit AF! For a moment there (a month to be exact) my motivation was like no other. The joy of waking up every morning with purpose, led me to believe that this was it. This cocooning life was the breakthrough I needed to detach and realign self. I promise you, this had nothing to do with being an introvert.

Then L.I.F.E happened!!!

The last thing on my mind then was my spiritual practice. I felt so many things, fought internal battles and lost my will to live. This went on for months, my body stiffened up as I neglected my asana practice. My thoughts and emotions where all over the place as I stopped my meditations, and my energy body was suffering greatly. My beautiful crystals were collecting dust in hiding as my decks of oracle cards remained untouched. If you thought I lost part of myself when I waved goodbye to my daughter, imagine the drilling emptiness I felt without my practice?

Then one fine evening an old client reached out requesting an emotional healing session. I thought it hypocritical agreeing to assist her when I was out of sorts, not grounded and out of practice.

What kind of healer would I be if I projected this negativity onto her?

Sure, it was great that I kept this sadness so well hidden behind a smile, online posts, and engagement. But I truly was living a lie and that needed to change. I sat down that evening and start the inner work, spent days on end practicing inner reflection, started asking the right questions.

What are these experiences trying to teach me?

Why do I feel the way I do?

What unresolved traumas do I have?

How can I start working on them?

How do I start healing my inner child?

I rolled out my yoga mat and focused on my heart openers, eased the stiffness with deep stretches, shifted focus to my balancing asanas and realigned my core with strengthening asanas.  My body felt alive with each day I chose to practice. Pranayama and meditations eased my anxiety and improved my mood. Suddenly my root chakra was fully activated, and I gained the willpower.  It was time to cleanse and charge my crystals absorbing the full moon energies and new moons shifts. Reconnecting with my higher self was great and things slowly started to look up as spiritual practices began.  

A lot of us are aware that new challenges come with spiritual practice, because releasing toxic energies almost always attracts more toxicity. As your sensitivity heightens, you become more aware of psychic attacks towards you. As a clairsentient I receive intuitive impressions through sense and feeling. I realised through such experiences that not everyone will celebrate your success or want the best for you. When things finally start looking for you, people find ways to keep you down and defeated because misery loves company. This amongst many others are a manifestation of psychic attacks and you need to protect yourself.

So, whenever I feel like I need to protect myself I follow this simple ritual and I encourage you to practice it too.

  1. Close your eyes and connect your tongue to your palate (the roof of your mouth just behind your teeth).
  2. Do deep pranic breathing. Inhale slowly pushing out the abdomen for seven counts. Hold for one count. Exhale slowly for seven counts pulling in the abdomen for seven counts. Hold for one count. Continue doing pranic breathing while creating the protective shield.
  3. Visualize a luminous light orange elliptical-shaped lamp in front of you.  Imagine you have become small, and you are entering into this orange elliptical-shaped lamp. Imagine you are inside it.
  4. Internally see that you are surrounded (upper. Middle, lower, front, back, top and bottom of the aura) by this luminous light orange transparent shield. With conviction, feel that the protective shield is extraordinarily strong and unbreakable.
  5. Visualise the protective shield as metallic light orange.
  6. Continue doing the pranic breathing for about nine times.
  7. Silently affirm, “I am shielded from all psychic attacks and contaminations.  I am shielded from harm and danger.  So be it. This shield will remain for duration of 12 hours.  So be it.  This shield is impregnable and unbreakable.  This shield is internally permeable.  So be it.
  8. Invoke for divine blessings from the higher beings, archangels, gurus, masters, Universal supreme God/dess and spiritual teacher: To the Universal Supreme God/Goddess, to my spiritual teachers and to all the higher beings, thank you for shielding me from all psychic attacks and contamination, and from all harms and danger.  With thanks and in full faith.  So be it!

When you have a protective shield and somebody directs negative thoughts towards you, the thought is deflected and bonces back to the sender ten times stronger. If this feels too harsh, you have the option to project pinkish-golden light around your shield. With this you transmute all negative thoughts and energies directed to you into calmness, understanding and peace.

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