Acts Of Service Towards Self

I recently partook in a very unique yoga challenge #PranaSelfLove. Not only did I win first place and some great prizes but it also reminded me of how long I’ve come on my healing journey. This particular self-love practice happens to be one that took the longest to ritualize. Who the ‘prana love’ does this? I once mumbled to myself, it has always been a natural instinct to be of service towards others over self. My definition of self-love was foreign until my spiritual teacher re-educated me on prana love.

Still curious?

  1. I learnt self-healing through Pranic Healing and the importance of a healthy prana body when it came to healing others.

2. I learnt that I had to be prana fit in order to heal others because my energy was of essence.

3. I learnt, “healthy healer = healthy patient”, and I now live by that.

So now I’m self-healing through yoga, meditation and Pranic healing as an act of service towards self and others. Thank you Master Choa Kok Sui for your teachings!

Affirmation: I am that I am, and I am living my Dharma

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