Which card is guiding you through this month and what message is in store for you? 

It’s a new month and every month carries a different kind of energy. As a monthly ritual, we are dedicated to sharing guidance from our Oracle cards and here is October focus message.

Cornucopia: Wishes Fulfilled (reversed)

The Cornucopia reversed is often a card of personal frustration. You may find yourself feeling discouraged by having your wishes denied, or perhaps you’re just disappointed with the delays involved. Don’t be surprised or too disheartened if obstacles seem to block your way. It may simply take some patience and persistent action, or it may require a radical shift in how you’re approaching your goals.

This card reversed may indicate a cycle of restriction or a period of lack or loss. Don’t let this deter you. Use this time to go deeper. There may be a lesson to learn or an entirely new direction to take.

Be open, flexible, and aware. Remember, there are many roads to happiness.

Affirm: The Universe is abundant. All that I desire comes to me in just the right time and way. I am blessed.

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