Which card is guiding you through this month and what message is in store for you? 

It’s a new month and every month carries a different kind of energy. As a monthly ritual, we are dedicated to sharing guidance from our Oracle cards and here is September focus message.

The World: Expansion, Opening Up

This card is reminding you to expand your vision and contemplate some much broader options. The world is wide, so there’s a lot out there to consider.

In the modern age of technology, this could specifically be referring to creating or expanding to a more global network through the internet or social marketing.

Drawing this card also lets you know that you have unlimited resources available to you, and now is the time to think big. As they say, the world is your oyster, so get ready to gobble it up.

Affirm: My life expands into boundless horizons with unlimited, powerful energy. A world of possibilities is open to me now.

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