Which card is guiding you through this month and what message is in store for you? 

It’s a new month and every month carries a different kind of energy. As a monthly ritual, we are dedicated to sharing guidance from our Oracle cards and here is August focus message.

Community: Connection with Kindred Spirits

This card reversed indicates feelings of isolation and perhaps loneliness. There may have been a recent disconnect with old associations or even a dissolution of some wider partnership. This may result in feelings of loss and grief, but take heart.

It is often the case that as you shift your energy into a higher vibration, you may find that you no longer resonate with old acquaintances the way you used to. If that is the case, it may be time to move on to more resonant associations. Let yourself network in ways that reflect your higher intentions. Meditation groups, classes, book clubs, and the like are all places you may meet new acquaintances that are in closer harmony to you.

You needn’t allow your isolation to continue. It may take some conscious effort on your part, but now is the time to reconnect, network, and gain the sense of support that you are looking for.

Affirm: I open my life to the wonderful people around me. I am making strong and beneficial connections in both my personal and professional life.  

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