Why The Graveyard Is The Richest Place On Earth!

They say, “the graveyard is the richest place on earth”

I recently shared a video relating to today’s post following the loss of a great friend Anjilee Gadhvi. We first crossed paths at the Pranic Healing Foundation during one of the many Fullmoon and Newmoon meditations we attended and stretched into the classes we did together at the foundation. We talked about all things spiritual from yoga to energy and owed her and the girls a home yoga session. I guess that reawakening debt will be carried to the next lifetime, for we will meet again soul-sister. Cancer exhausted your body but your soul lives on forever, our Cancer Warrior. Life will feel different without you once I’m back home but your beautiful memory surely lives on. We love you and miss you, mama!

Now here I am two weeks later, moaning with the world at the loss of a father and daughter’s dynamic duo. Kobe Bryant was a true example of a soul that came, saw and conquered it all both on and off the court. The love he had for his family was self-evident as we witnessed the beautiful bond he had with his daughter Gianna Bryant. Their bond was so strong that God decided to keep that bond stronger in death too. Imagine that? If this isn’t a true example of a soul connection I don’t know what is. It’s always the small things we chose to ignore that we applaud after death. A true legend was born, and though millions of us never met him in person, his aura made us unite and that was one powerful gift he possessed and I guess now he knows this where ever he is. May the souls of all those who perished rest in peace.

We all have suffered a loss in our lives, and looking back, I can’t help but tear up as I write this. I pressed pause a week ago and took a social media break as I slipped into a meditative state working on my manifestations for this lifetime. I had a ritual that went through the week, my daughter was the top priority at home and while at school I got up to my usual. Well, when I’m not working online I’m working offline, studying, reading, writing, teaching and living a normal human life like most of you. This past week, like the year that passed forced me to face many things, opened up internal boxes I didn’t give the time of the day to and the enlightenment that came with it had me asking a truckload of questions. Who is Sheila? What happened to Sheila? Where is Sheila going? Is Sheila living a purpose-driven life? Why is Sheila lonely? What is missing in Sheila’s life? What is blocking Sheila’s blessings? What demons does Sheila have to face? What happens next? Is Sheila ready for this next step?

I walked through 372 days dragging questions that either wounded the “ego” or fed my dharma. Each response that came through broke unauthorized cords that kept me either stuck, numb or caught up in infatuations that depleted my energy centres. It was time for a realignment, a fresh start, and I’m pretty sure the heavens were celebrating at these self-realizations. I have to admit that I am far from perfect, even though perfection is an expectation placed upon by those who lack the empathy to reason. As a healer and educator, the pressure is real because many expect you to be some sort of superhuman. As a mother, sister, daughter, friend and lover authorized expectations are present because I choose to represent my dharma in all aspects of my life. But what then happens when the-going-gets-tough? When what you fought so hard to save just slips through your fingers? or when you have no life left in you? Some would give up easily, and that’s what the coward in me did time and again, this energy was gracefully carried into this lifetime and best believe that very same energy will end in this lifetime. We have to become very mindful of the words we speak, the thoughts we harvest and hate we give to one another. What you think manifests, what you speak manifests and let’s not get started on your actions that go twinning hand in hand with karma bae. You need to tame your mind and body, and not become slaves to the illusions we create.

One of the greatest lessons I leant this year was that we only get this one life, and those who understand this know that the body dies but the soul lives on until it’s full evolution. While in this body, I have decided to make the most of it and repent of the traumas I put it through and learn these lessons so my soul evolves and elevates into the next dimension. If someone were to ask me today if I have lived my life to the fullest I would say, “I have done what I was meant to do, I could’ve wanted more time, but that wouldn’t have changed the strong foundation this life created. Prolonging it would’ve only polished it up. So yes, I have lived my life to the fullest according to the purpose of my existence.

… I have live my life to the fullest according to the purpose of my existence.

The only reason people fear death is because they don’t live their dreams, they omit their purpose to over-emphasize on that which is not destined for them. Hence why we see masses walking through life in misery, working draining jobs, surviving toxic relationships that kill their internal organs and surrounding themselves with energies that reduce their life expectancy to nil. Then seeking comfort in fabricated excuses to better suit their demise, yet still, they choose to remain ignorant to the facts that stand before them. Martin Luther King Jr. once said,” No person has the right to rain on your dreams”. So why are you still granting access to people who don’t deserve a seat on your throne? You are better than this mediocre way of thought and the best reward in life is personal fulfilment. Once you’re in this evolved space, only then will you reap the benefits of the life you desire. All I am saying is love as hard as you can, live the life of your dreams, transform as many lives as you can (or simply be a kind and mindful human being), do your best and God will do the rest. For there’s nothing worse than leaving this world with dead dreams dragging right behind you.

Let nothing and no one hold you back, and that includes yourself. Don’t you dare die with your dreams, leave us a corpse with a title not a curse to your name, because let’s face it, we are born to die. Whatever you’ve been procrastinating on, holding back, investing and manifesting, come to light. It’s time to change this narrative and enrich our souls while we still have breath.

Are you ready to make your dream/s come true?


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