Be The Queen That You Are

Be the Queen that you are, your king awaits.

No woman has to lower her standards to better suit circumstances.

If you can’t breathe life into her then you shouldn’t be in it.

If you can’t be at peace with your thoughts, then she shouldn’t be on your mind.

If you can’t express yourself freely without ridicule then you shouldn’t be in her presence.


Loneliness is a social curse that dictates a woman’s life.

As a result, a woman’s struggle goes unnoticed baring no relevance in this timid society.

If you look within you will find things you never imagined possible.

What feels like a dream will become a reality, and when that reality hits you…

Only then will you realize that these barriers blinded you from success.

Be our own Queen first, let the worthy spot your uniqueness as your true king isn’t too far behind.


Written in 2015

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