It’s My Birthday! Here’s What This Past Year Taught Me

Each year I dive into a deeper state of awesomeness, and this year, I’m lost for words, so brace yourselves for soundlessness.

Another year has passed and I can’t believe I’m celebrating another year of yogic breathing in this lifetime. This past year has been an emotional rollercoaster and one of the biggest life-changing experiences yet. From growing a physical business to waking up in a whole other continent and starting over (literally).

I still can’t phantom visiting India this year and finally getting my International Yoga Teacher Training certification and sound healing certificate. If there’s one place I’d retire to or even consider relocating to, it would be India. It was a true spiritual journey and an unforgettable experience, and this is just the beginning, see you soon!

I’m still amazed at how each year gets me closer to discovering who I really am, for I am not my hands, legs, nor any part of my physical form. This body is just an instrument of my core existence, I am much higher than what I’ve thought to be. “I am extraordinary”, became my mantra.

I am beyond ordinary, I AM EXTRAORDINARY.

This past year, I cultivated a different kind of love. I realized that love was more than happiness, intimacy, companionship, and stability. I redefined love as a universal law, honouring the air, sun, moon and the earth. I was reminded of how Gods love was unconditional and that’s all the prana I needed. If mother nature had the capability to keep giving unconditional love, I had to devote my life to spreading this kind of love and all I wanted to do was hug trees, people, animals and my crystals. “I am love”, became my mantra.


This past year, I found true happiness. It was unscripted and demanded I decode through recurrent dreams, past-life regression, and my life experiences. Do you know what I found? Inner peace! It was inner peace I was yearning for camouflaged as misinterpreted happiness. “I am peace” became my mantra.


This past year, I loved myself fiercely. It had to be done! I battled with my empathy 24/7 and realized that my selflessness and patience left me feeding psychic vampires. I had imprint these words, “If it doesn’t serve me or depletes my energy, it’s time to exit”. I learnt to trust my intuition, grabbed my broom and exited from toxic energies that attempted to paralyze me. “I am worthy”, became my mantra.


This past year, I reached out to my inner child. Little Sheila had been waiting decades for this day and the reunion was emotional. Sharing my childhood trauma was scary, but it’s exactly what I needed to liberate myself. I was no longer a prisoner of my past and that cycle of self-sabotage collapsed. “I am healed”, became my mantra.


This past year, I broke the silence on emotional abuse (mental/psychological abuse). I thought it best to use my platforms to educate women on toxic relationships. Sharing this part of my life felt right in every way, from marrying a narcissist to fighting depression. Many women have chosen to suffer in silence and shame letting their abusers walk sort free. Leaving you to pick up the pieces labelled as the “bad mother/wife/girlfriend/fiancee” to their death bed. Not me! I chose this time to set the record straight. I might not be as manipulative, nor have the calvary on my side or the finances to buy support, but I have my truth, and that’s all that matters. “I am free”, became my mantra.


This past year, I learnt loneliness was my bestfriend. Loneliness was never the enemy, it was just an awkward state of mind that needed me to look within. It was my soul screaming the silence out of me to wake the fuck up. It was my body telling me I needed to heal my internal organs and detox. It was my physical heart reminding me she never left, and every time I felt my heartbeat, I smiled because I indeed was never alone. Loneliness became my solitude, creative dumpsite, my meditation time, rebirth and reconnection with my higher self. I was reminded that I had a job to do, and after I was done embracing this emotion, I had to get back to leading my purpose-driven life as a lightworker. “I am enough”, became my mantra.


This past year, I earned the nickname “miss daring”. I’ve done things I would’ve never dreamt possible, from jumping into the Ganga River (for I feared heights), water rafting (yap, always feared deep waters), relocating to Europe (having resisted for years), decluttering my life and closet way too many times (I was a hoarder) and getting my voice back. “I am awakened”, became my mantra.


I am where I’m meant to be and this is me. My body is 33 years old, my soul has lived many lifetimes but my spirit towards life will remain forever young.

Woza 2020!!!


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