HELLO NOVEMBER: What Are The Cards Saying This Month?

Which angel is guiding you through this month? What message does she have under her wings for you? 

As a monthly ritual, we are dedicated to sharing guidance from the angels as we embrace each new season. So which angel has you sheltered under their wings this November? Archangel Serephina is watching over us and has a message for you.

I am the Angel of Families. A happy change or addition is coming to your family.

Your prayers about family have been heard, and I have been sent to watch over you and answer prayers. I am here to tell you about a beautiful change coming to your family. You are going through a period of adjustment right now to prepare for this change. It might feel chaotic or disorganized, but be assured that this is simply part of the nesting process.

I will guide you through this time and help you with any upsets that may occur. Any challenges will stimulate forthright discussion, and this truth is very cleansing.

It helps you to know your own feelings and priorities on a deeper level and allows you to share with others in a deeply honest way. Then, when the purpose of the turmoil has been served, the storm will blow over, revealing blue skies for all. This happy change or addition to your family is Divinely ordered.

Surrender any worries to God, and allow Heaven to serve as your spiritual family who helps, guides, and watches over you. We love you very much!

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