5 Effective Tips To Heal Childhood Trauma

Every relationship you get entangled in feels like a repeated cycle of past hurt. There’s a reason why this keeps happening to you.

Things start to make sense once you start digging into your past and archiving back to your childhood. I have had numerous discussions with patients and 98% of their turmoil has been deeply rooted in childhood trauma. These traumas have included emotional abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional and physical neglect, loss of a loved one or natural disasters. So we set sail after this realization and embarked on an “Inner child” healing journey.

Don’t get too excited as yet, you need to buckle up and prepare for the turbulence ahead, as you will have to face the reality of the things you kept so well hidden and re-live those moments. Once you have faced your demons, a lot of things will start to make sense from your personality traits to your favourite meal. Everything is connected and it only gets better once you unlock that door.

So here are the 5 tips I have implemented with great success:

1. Be honest with yourself first!

Are you ready for this? Do you really want to heal for yourself not because someone said so? Are you really done suffering? (Some people find pleasure in misery to be quite frank). Ever wondered how you survived all these years? Is your illness really physical or emotional in nature? Have your trauma’s negatively affected those around you? Do you suffer from either stress, anxiety or depression? If your answers where predominantly yes, congratulations, you may proceed.

2. Share your experiences with close friends and family.

Who else would better understand your pain than those closest to you? You might have also gone through the trauma with either of them as well. Be sure to share your story with only those who genuinely care for you, you don’t want this sensitive information falling on the wrong ears and halting your healing process. Verbally releasing this pain has been felt like a relief, its generally talk therapy without the therapist.

3. Distance yourself from toxic people

Healing in negative spaces isn’t easy, it’s literally impossible! If you’re serious about transforming your life, you’ll make the necessary adjustments without fail. The last thing you need are manipulators hindering your progress. Remember, not everyone wants you to grow and that’s a sad reality. Looks like its time to start cleaning out your closet.

4. Find a therapist/counsellor

Now that you have social support, and you’re a step closer towards your healing journey, its time to get professional help. The best things in life don’t come free to us, and whether you like it or not, there’s a reason why you didn’t become a counsellor, so trust the process. You need coping mechanisms in place to manage the hurdles (stress, anxiety, depression, anger issues, etc). You need an accountability partner to hold your hand too, don’t be stingy, appreciate the service.

5. Let it all go!

This last step is the end goal, right? When you’ve spent enough time getting familiar with your hurts and the emotions they trigger, you can start letting go of the pain by visualizing an exclusion of the negative energy or by performing a ritual of release that allows you to move on. Want to know how? Book an online session with me.

To think it’s easier said than done is you signing your freedom away, you need to shift your mindset and desperately want this transformation. I have been down the same road, and it took a lot out of me mentally, emotionally and physically. I’m glad I went down that treacherous path because I wouldn’t be here sharing all this with you’ all.

Heal with Sheila has your back!







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