Why Meditation Is My Juju!

Who sent me? That was the dread of this morning commitment that turned into a chore and felt like a waste of my bedtime hours until extraordinary things happened…

My mornings used to be dreadful and 8 hours of sleep didn’t compliment the face I woke with, and to think, “beauty sleep” was all I needed to energize my day. I have to admit, I used to lack consistency, and that was a never-ending excuse. We all know what happens when we feel unmotivated, uninspired, undriven or unfilled towards that that enriches us. Been there, done that and I have no intention of going back.

Its only natural to get excited at starting something new, the enthusiasm is addictive, you literally get high on this energy. There is also a supernatural power that somehow imprints this consistency, for it takes every fibre of your existence to keep going. So after taking one of my usual long breaks from meditation, I rolled out my mat without any expectations and flowed through it ever so naturally.

As I sat down sometime back I realized there was a shift, and here’s what I observed:

  1. I’ve become much calmer in situations, as compared to the Emmy award-winning dramatics I used to pull. I felt victimized, but now I see reason and come from a point of understanding. Sure I will put you in your place without a doubt, but my actions stream from a compassionate stance. The beauty of all this is that I let go at ease and shift focus faster than a lightning bolt. Its peace of mind I seek, for in that state, everything makes sense.
  2. A complete mood shift happened, I stopped taking things too personally. Being a perfectionist and people pleaser I transitioned into acceptance. Oh yes, Que sera sera on replay took it way back and that grounded me. Acceptance meant contentment with what is! I became happier and lighter with this reality. I have all the time to mind my business, which is achieving oneness with my higher self.
  3. I wake fresher than the name fresh! Remember the 8 hours of beauty sleep I mentioned earlier? Well even with half the hours of sleep and a dose of meditation,  My face is rejuvenated, my body is energized, my mind is rebooted as my soul brightens up to greater things every morning. Who wouldn’t want that in their lives? Besides, I sleep much better too.
  4. A strong shield has been created. As a healer, healings can drain the prana out of you. You feel emotions the way empaths do and continue doing the work as a lightworker forgetting to do the work on self. This used to drain the physical body out, but I noticed, this all changed, I realized that my meditations didn’t only refuel my tank but created a shield as a psychic self-defence mechanism.
  5. Whatever I manifested came into being, sure it didn’t happen overnight, but looking back at my journey and where I am now is beyond measure. Sometimes the human in me has to double-check if this is really happening, and a beautiful emotion soothes my heart as a smile brightens my face. The universe truly has my back.

If this is the power meditation has had on my life, imagine the impact it would have on yours? A day without meditation feels like a lifetime of emptiness and all you need is a minimum of 5 minutes a day. Try it and drop a comment below.



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