How I First Came To Learn About Chakras

My knowledge about chakras came to me through an interesting encounter with a woman on a righteous path. So let me twist this up into a chakra-tale like they do with fairytales.

Once upon a time, there lived an aspiring yogini who was in dire need for transformation. The professional world seemed to be blocking all means of personal development, and with this blockage came a spiritual revolution. So she quit her job and started teaching yoga fulltime. It was a whole life shift, diving into the unknown as she embraced everything, from marketing, workshops, booking clients, researching, and everything that came with the holistic wellness package.

Hope was never lost for this aspiring yogini even when loyal clients skipped classes or never returned. It didn’t really bother her, as it was something she had accustomed to, and believed you had to lose a few to gain more. One fruitful day a friend called her up and suggested a Java ‘Dawa'(ginger & lemon) tea date, of course, she was all in as their daughters were besties in kindergarten with a sisterhood badge as proof until their blossoming love came to end.

But why though? What did chakras have to do with toddlers and friendships? Hold your damn horse’s mate… I’m getting there.

Sheila’s first encounter with the energy world was ruthlessly dissected by her friend over this tea grounding (ginger has spiritual grounding properties as its a root plant) moment. As a firm follower of Christ and the Holy Bible, yoga was evil according to the scriptures. Given her extensive research online and exchange of information within the Holy community, she needed to free herself from this flexible, stretching, strengthening and balancing form of “exercise”, and save herself from entering the gates of hell. So as a good friend, she took the liberty of warning Sheila. As she sat there, the words, “chakras” “kundalini” “aura” kept jamming on repeat.

Sheila had been unaware of the depth of yoga, there was more to this practice than an asana. Mindblown by this information, and of course the end of a great friendship, she went home and got technical. Google, youtube and websites had a vast amount of information on chakras and all things energy. Sure she had come across them in yoga books, but they really weren’t the focus then but clearly, the soul wasn’t ready to phantom all this knowledge. So she went online and googled, “Energy healing schools in Nairobi”, and the Pranic Healing Center popped up right at the top for the Ajna chakra to read loud and clear. It was love at first click!

…then Sheila and the chakras lived happily ever after.


Well, it didn’t quite end there, everything else that came after aligned with the core of my very existence. Let’s dive into the sequence of my story now on a first-person basis.

  • The Pranic Healing Foundation, Nairobi

I learnt about chakras more in-depth in the healing classes I signed up for, got to see, touch, feel and even taste prana (energy). Other spiritual schools/practitioners mention 7 chakras, with this school I learnt of 11 chakras. There was a 12th chakra too I discovered in a spiritual class called “Achieving Oneness with the Higher Soul”, and this class just put so many more other things into perspective. Guess what? You can learn about them too if you sign up for a Pranic Healing course in your area.

This was the start of my healing journey, my awakening and understanding of my purpose in this lifetime. There was an instant familiarity with prana from my first class and it felt like home. I quickly jumped into healing patients, introduced the Twin Hearts meditation to many and started offering online distance healing services too.

I will forever be grateful to Grand Master Choa Kok Sui for his teachings and wisdom, without him, I wouldn’t have blossomed into the empowered woman I am today. Shahwana, Jayesh, Sagar, Namrita, Jayna, Daksha, Homai (my soulmate) and the whole Pranic Healing East Africa community thank you for your never-ending love and support. We are family, and I’m so glad we crossed paths again in this lifetime.

  • World Peace Yoga School, India

Where do I begin? my manifestations came to light at touchdown. I was home, at last, my spiritual land and motherland. As I always say, “The universe only sends you what you’re ready to receive”, and indeed I received it in abundance. As if the 200hr yoga teacher training experience wasn’t enough, I got to understand the origins of yoga, spirituality and this newfound way of life through Yoga Philosophy. The Vedas spoke so clearly about the chakras, from the shapes, colours to the deities connected to them. We studied the 7 chakras, aware of the fact more chakras existed.

My understanding of chakras in the anatomy class linked the physical body and prana body in the most flawless way. Through the asanas, pranayama and meditation practice, I could have sworn, a deeper connection with my energy body was rekindled. Just through managing the urges and strains of the physical body. Talking about “Kundalini”, I was also introduced to Kundalini Yoga during this trip and words could describe the experience. I just have to plan another trip back to my motherland to earn my Kundalini Yoga certification. Yes, I have made every excuse humanly possible to return to India.

  • Personal Growth

Now imagine merging these teachings and experiences into one as you dive into infinite waters? the practice and research must go on. Not only have I been gifted with this innate power to heal people, but I have been graced with self-healing techniques, geared to serve humanity the best way possible.

It’s really interesting how perfectly things fall into place looking back, I knew this woman came into my life for a reason. She may never understand this either but I’m so grateful she came into my life and left when the time was right. Who knows, she might have been an angel in disguise.

Cheers to this awesome life and the wondrous world!





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