Every Reason Why What You Do Is Never Enough

If this title brought you here, you’re most probably feeling some sort of way mentally and emotionally. You’ve probably hit rock bottom in awe at how your mind has managed to orchestrate this reality. Leading your emotions astray as you create a belief system that whatever you do is never enough.

Is it really a fact or an illusion?

Allow me to dig into your thought process and inject the probable cause with valid reasons:

You have expectations! 

But aren’t expectations the way of life? Sure! It’s the yin and yang of life, one part boosts the ego, motivates you to perform better and more efficiently. That’s why you get a salary and work an 8 – 5 job right? Well Congratulations for accomplishing your matrix requirements.

The other part, relies on internal expectations, better trust self above all and remain in a state of husky battles. This isn’t for the faint-hearted if your level of thinking is solely based on expectations. Say you settle for a partner who fulfils all your desires from the get-go, he spreads that butter on the bread so well and you’re in no doubt set in making this beautiful being your life partner. Then shit hits the fan, things start to change years (even two days) down the line and the idea of this person you created in your head comes tumbling down. What happened then?

Your expectations of this beautiful being turned into an excruciatingly painful reality of life. You need to get your head out of your mighty self and embrace the reality of life, otherwise, misery will be your middle name.

You love the way you lie!

I’m not about to go all Rihanna on you or throw some Eminem lyrics your way, I’m Sheila enough for you. You believe that giving your all to those around you will not only liberate you but earn you the love you deserve. Then realize that the same love you give isn’t the same love you’re getting back! You reciprocate that abundant love and call upon a naming ceremony and affirm “I am not enough”.

You start to fall in love with the way you lie to thyself, and all this negativity becomes a daily ritual. Your mind is an alter and whatever you feed it is what you’ll get back through this outlandish manifesto. You have to stop feeding yourself with these lies. Promote self-love and demote self-hate. You are enough, you’re so enough and this “enough spirit” should be everything you ever wanted.

You’re living amongst sloths

Sloths are apparently the dumbest and slowest animals out there. They are gifted at sleeping, poop once a week and eventually die “dumb” deaths. (Excuse my knowledge, it’s been a known fact and research was conducted, hence the free will to share this saddening data). We love all creatures great and small, just not when it comes to dealing with human sloths.

These are the toxic people you keep lingering around your life, filling your head with a week-long dose of poop. For some reason, your intelligence gets clouded by these deadly beings as you cohabit in tree branches. These are the people who are threatened by you and find ways to keep you irrelevant.  These are the same people who make you question your sanity and degrade your essence. These are the very same people who will pollute our inner circle of friends and family with venomous tales of breathtaking lies. Need I say more? You know your soap opera better than I do.

Free yourself from this small-mindedness, be the tree roots, not the leaves, for when autumn comes, you’ll remain grounded. It’s in grounding that you understand life.

I call this raw content because people need tough love with a dose of sarcasm. Be the Sacramento of life and flow in the direction of positive thought and know that you are enough.

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