I’m Wounded, Not Broken

She shares her story with the masses,
looking for nothing but redemption from the trauma that once controlled her.
She set herself free and embarked on a healing journey.
She succumbed the struggles of shapeshifting back and forth into the woman she once knew.
Through this journey, she constantly reminded herself, “I’m wounded, not broken”.
Where was she to begin?
This pain had numbed her emotion as deceit plastered her sense of humanity.
The core of all this hurt was innate but she refused to own it.
Self-reflection kicked in and scored a number on her.
She was not her pain, she was not this experience,
All she told herself was, ” I’m wounded, not broken”.
Demystifying the curse of silence she found solace in enlightenment and walked through life with a hallow of peace.
She wanted to heal the masses, transform lives, fulfil her life purpose and gravitate beyond what society expected from a broken woman.
Pity is what she earned enveloping her mission statement.
She then reminded them, “I’m wounded, not broken”.
What she learnt through this lifetime was that a woman shares her story as a victor, not a victim.
When the self-inflicted pity party is over, your warrior spirit emerges.
Reminding herself that her trauma was but an experience that needed to mould her
into the warrior, she was destined to be.
Like a wildcat licks its wounds, she replaced her wounds with scars.
She looked back and smiled, reminiscing on the words that comforted her through this healing journey.
“I’m wounded, not broken”.

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