Dear Crazy World


I have seen things I never imagined possible.

Felt a certain kind of way that left me questioning my stance in life.
Heard things that have left me perplexed and dismayed at the severity human beings are willing to go.
But is it by will or the lack of mental stability?
Greed has devoured our sense of humanity to the point that we have lost our intellectual instinct of just reasoning.
At the brink of collapse we are, but no one sees that.
Only those who have been overcome by the depth of reality consciously spectate.
What else can a mind under the influence of truth and awareness do to get the message across without getting the message across?
Scrutiny, shame and crucifixion are mandated by good actions as the bad run free and live the most fulfilling lives.
One of the many realities I have failed to understand.
These are the inequalities of life that don’t prescribe to balance.
Now, where does your kindness leave you?
Weak, vulnerable and left at the hands of exploitative beings.
Forced to adapt and toughen up, as you selectively pick those worthy of your goodness.
Such are the lessons of life only understood by those who relate to my words.
And only will the ignorant rants dissect these words to better suit their demise.
Until humanity branches into cognizant resolutions.
Individuality it is!

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