To The World From You And I

Seeking approval from the world doesn’t get you anywhere,

Yet it gets you somewhere.

Reaching for something that is out of reach,

Only digs a hole deeper for you.

The runway cannot tell you, you’re beautiful

Only the mirror can.

Being the face of a top magazine, only quenches that unsightly craze.

But when a new issue is out,

You’re only left behind as a blunt memory.

A smile of a hypocrite is as delightful,

It is only you and I who see right through them.

A glimpse into the future draws me further away from you

Yet the present lives a big sign on my door.

The world may approve of it, but I won’t.

Keep trying so hard to be where you want to be and what you’re not.

Keep trying to force yourself into a circle you don’t belong in.

Keep trying as hard as you can because only a few know the real you.

A big fake smile to the world is all they need from you for now.

Written 08/17/2010






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