My Take On Valentines Day

I heard people’s jubilations yesterday about their surprise gifts and a special night out on Valentine’s Day. I was intrigued by the excitement they showed as they explained in their experiences vividly. Happy for them I was but until today I fail to understand this whole concept of 14th February. Besides holding St Valentine’s history by the horns, to date, there are many sides to how Valentine’s Day came to be. Why the 14th of February? Where their calculations correct? Let’s leave history in the past and look ahead.

So this lovely loveable day is the day to show how much you love someone and all the extra things that come with it. Does one have to wait a whole year until the next year to only show this materialistic kind of love? I am not really anti-Valentines but I refuse to be a puppet of this tradition. I get roses and the love I need any other day if not more than ten times in one month. Let’s put that aside, I started dating my boyfriend, by then on the 16th of June and married the same man on the 16th of October. Do you see what I’m getting at? Every 16th of the month to us is the Worlds Valentine’s Day once a year. So it is on this day we take a walk down memory lane and love each other more and have our special nights out. Then on the rest of the other days, I get little surprises and I do the same for him too.

That could explain why I’m not such a big fan of St Valentine who supposedly marked his personal day of love. So since I marked mine too, does this mean that everyone else has to follow it? NO! Wise people create their own dates that they themselves celebrate and enjoy the most. This Valentine’s Day should just be a bonus or excuse to celebrate your own memorable dates more.

That’s my take on Valentine’s Day.


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