Don’t Insult My Ethnicity

Talk is cheap but not as much as you

You step on my soil and insult my ethnicity?

You look at my brown skin and feel disgusted.

And who are you to insult my ethnicity in my own land

This soil is mine as it is for every African

You still talk so high of yourself I see

Though you still remain so dumb that you don’t realize the obvious

Oh yes! This is my soil as it is for every African.

I banish any form of colonization of my being as it will remain buried in my soil

This soil is mine as it is for every Africa.

I will not bow down before you…

Just because your hair is sleek

Your skin is fairer

and your speech is eloquent

I am a second-grade citizen of the world according to you

But this brown soil is mine and my identity is “I”.


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