Love Poem: The Best Gift

Spending time with you is the best gift

Breaking your balls is the best gift

Disagreeing with you is the best gift

Waking up in the morning close to you is the best gift

Going to bed pissed at each other is also the best gift

Because without all these events our love wouldn’t be,

where it is today.

Your love inspires me to write

Even though it may take longer than usual.

Your love fills my heart with joy

Even when we are apart.

Your love is as fresh as the day we met

Even though it has been years.

Your love is incomparable

They say a mother’s love is greater

Your love is my love and my love is your love.

Our birthdays came and went,

And we remain glad we made it this far.

The count-down has begun,

And our long wait of separation is coming to an end.

To my love, with love.



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