I “Refuse” But “Accept”

I refuse to surround myself with burdened hearts

For their intent is to wound my joy.

But accept positive attitudes

That see the best out of own attitude.

I refuse to be associated with classifiers

because in their eyes they are the best.

But I accept down-to-earth individuals

For their success and experience are incomparable.

I refuse to be judged for what I am not

For you do not know who I am.

But I accept the acknowledgement of my efforts

For only those who know me well acknowledge them

I refuse to be pretentious

For I’m no advocate for personal discomfort.

But I accept intelligent recognition

For their intelligence enlightens their senses.

I refuse to start-up conflict

For I am the one to continue it once provoked.

But I accept self-actualization

For everyone ‘deserves’ a second chance.

I refuse to be let down by irrelevancies

For they unnecessarily weigh me down.

But I accept that I learn from them

For my future promises more relevancies.

I refuse to let your words bring me down

For my emotions aren’t spearheaded by my actions.

But I accept your criticism

For your negative words make me stronger.

If your mouth waters for gossip and cheers on my failure

I refuse to participate in your shallow lifestyle.

But accept that people like you will never change

My life becomes your entertainment, as I live it.


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