Love Poem: Like A Star

A blossoming relationship deserves special rays of love.

Like a star,

the edge it possesses completes the shape of love.

Tonight we will sleep under the stars,

Though we are not together, we will look above and reminiscence.

Like a star,

Your love will shine so bright through my heart.

Today we have reached the peak of our love.

Like a star,

These edges represent our journey through these five years.

We sit at the edge waiting to slip off.

But, to stand strong we always climb back up.

Like a star,

We have our ups and downs, but our bond will never break.

Today I smile as my heart is filled with love for you

Like a star,

Your warmth paves the way through the darkness as you guide me.

Like the stars guide one’s direction.

We found our way to one another through the darkness of our unpredicted life.

Like a star,

We’re in it for life, night and day.


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