That Conscious Dream

With so much going on I managed to drift off into slumber, but only for a moment. I had a sudden dream that shook me out of the only mental comfort I could squeeze in past 11pm. A woman walked towards me, it felt surreal, as the earth moved with every step she took and the energy that came with each step felt somewhat familiar. There was an immediate sense of comfort in the midst of my confusion as I felt her smile without visually seeing the contours of her face.

There she stood before me silently, as she held my hand and whispered sounds of silence.

What was she saying?

It somewhat felt like I was blocking her words out of fear as I lay there numb, unable to move my body. I wondered what her presence signified, was she sent to deliver a message from the unknown world? All I sensed from her presence was a connection to my current situation, that of a mental prisoner of convenience. I felt the urge to shake myself out of this dream and once my conscious mind shifted to “the now” I panted in more confusion as I stupified at the sit stain that fit the figure of the woman who seemingly appeared in the dream.

I was hoping I was within a dream of a dream. I closed my eyes and felt the presence of a figure that appeared to be a man this time. I couldn’t quite comprehend what was going on at this rate. Gathering the little strength I had, and frightfully sent him his way and tried to get some rest, what felt like seconds later, her voice came to me again, yes! this time around I heard it, she was calling me to follow her, this time I was wide awake, atleast I felt I was, as she assisted me out of bed and down the corridor. Sceptical I stopped, resisted the path she was leading me towards; I didn’t want to leave my daughter behind and this world yet. That’s exactly what I felt was happening as I broke free her soft embrace and ran back into the darkness, she didn’t pursue me and the light got dimmer. Finally, I rested my head on the pillow wide awake as I gathered my thoughts with no recollection of what happened.

What was the significance of this dream?


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